How To Create SEO-Friendly URLs?

How To Create SEO-Friendly URLs

Written by James Collin

October 24, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, all businesses (big and small) are consistently jostling for attention like over-caffeinated commuters in a rush-hour subway. And their end goal is, of course, to rank on the first pages of our supreme overlord — Google. But amidst the cacophony of marketing tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO), the humble URL often finds itself in the corner, hoping to be noticed like a wallflower at a delectable dance. Crafting a captivating URL is the equivalent of giving your website a stunning book cover — sure, it’s what’s inside that counts, but an appealing outside goes a long way in enticing customer to take peak of what’s inside. So, buckle up, folks! In this rollercoaster ride of a guide, we’re going to unravel the mysteries of creating URLs that not only have the search engines doing cartwheels but also make users nod in approval, like a discerning art connoisseur in a contemporary gallery.

Importance of SEO-friendly URLs

In a world where search engines are the gatekeepers and users are the discerning bouncers, SEO-friendly URLs are your VIP pass to the exclusive club of online visibility. Picture this: your URL is the flashy neon sign outside a bustling nightclub, beckoning in the cool kids and turning away the wallflowers. Mastering the art of creating SEO-friendly URLs is like having the bouncer owe you a favor—your website gets to jump the line and groove to the top of those search engine rankings, earning you the envy of your digital peers.

Brief Overview of the 5 Tricks

Think of these tricks as your website’s secret recipe, the Colonel’s blend of herbs and spices for a crispy URL that has both search engines and users licking their screens. From sprinkling the right keywords to keeping it short and snappy, using hyphens to play the word game, avoiding the special characters’ drama, and sticking to lowercase letters like your website’s English teacher, we’ve got a whole arsenal of URL sorcery up our sleeves. So, roll up your sleeves, aspiring digital wizards, and let’s cook up some URL magic!

Trick 1: Use Keywords in URLs

The Power of Keywords in SEO

Keywords are to search engines what catnip is to cats—a magnetic force that draws them in like a moth to a flame. Strategically weaving these keywords into your URL is like handing out a treasure map with a big red ‘X’ marking the spot—search engines can’t resist the allure, and users will follow the trail of breadcrumbs straight to your digital doorstep.

Choosing the Perfect Keywords

Choosing keywords is a bit like picking your fantasy football team—you want the superstars, the reliable players, and maybe a wildcard or two. Dive into the minds of your audience, pull out your crystal ball of market trends using google keyword planner, and sprinkle some good ol’ SEO magic to conjure up those winning keywords that will have your website scoring touchdown after touchdown.


Picture a cozy coffee shop known for its ethically sourced brews, embracing the keyword “fair trade coffee” in its URL like a badge of honor. Voila! You’ve got a URL like, a digital beacon that has both search engines and socially conscious coffee lovers doing a little victory dance.

Trick 2: Keep URLs Short & Simple

The Charm of Concise URLs

Short URLs are like the perfect espresso shot—quick, invigorating, and leaving you wanting more. They not only look elegant and chic, but they’re also easier to remember than your grandma’s secret apple pie recipe. Snappy URLs ensure that users won’t need a compass to navigate your digital domain and that search engines won’t get lost in the labyrinth of characters.

Mastering the Art of Simplifying URLs

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, as the wise Leonardo da Vinci once said. Trim the excess fat, leave only the juiciest meat, and serve up a lean, mean URL machine that gets straight to the point like a no-nonsense New Yorker. By paring down the fluff and sticking to the essence, you’ll have a URL that’s as clear and crisp as a freshly ironed business shirt.


Imagine a local florist blooming in the heart of the city, boasting a URL like, a digital ode to the beauty of simplicity that not only attracts the bees but also makes it a breeze for customers to find their way to the garden of floral delights.

Trick 3: Use Hyphens to Separate Words

Hyphens in URL Construction

Hyphens are the peacekeepers in the war of words, the diplomats that ensure harmony and prevent any textual skirmishes. They’re like the handy commas in a sentence, ensuring that each word gets its due attention without stepping on anyone else’s toes. Search engines love them, users appreciate them, and your URL looks as polished as a shiny new sports car on a showroom floor.

Aesthetics of Hyphenated URLs

Hyphens aren’t just about maintaining peace and order; they’re also the interior decorators of your URL mansion. By neatly separating words and creating a clean visual hierarchy, they make your URL as inviting and elegant as a well-curated Pinterest board. With hyphens, your URL becomes the sophisticated socialite of the digital town, turning heads and making the other URLs whisper with envy.


Visualize a pet grooming service with a URL like, a smooth and stylish digital address that not only pampers the eyes but also ensures that both search engines and pet owners can navigate the fluffy world of feline grooming without any tangled fur balls.

Trick 4: Avoid Using Special Characters

Special Characters in URLs

Special characters are the digital equivalent of party crashers—uninvited, disruptive, and making a mess of things. They’re the black sheep that can send search engines into a tailspin and leave users scratching their heads in confusion. Steering clear of these troublemakers ensures a smooth ride through the digital landscape without any unexpected detours or chaotic roadblocks.

Steer Clear of Special Characters

Avoiding special characters in your URL is like skipping the drama in a soap opera—you’ll thank yourself later. Stick to the classic letters and numbers, the timeless combination that ensures your URL remains a well-behaved digital citizen, easily accessible and universally understood. By keeping it clean and simple, you’re giving your website the best shot at making a stellar first impression without any unwanted surprises.


Imagine a bookworm’s paradise with a URL like, a digital sanctuary that invites readers in without any virtual hiccups or textual turbulence. By sidestepping special characters, this URL creates a smooth literary journey, ensuring that both search engines and book lovers can lose themselves in the literary wonderland without any pesky distractions.

Trick 5: Use Lowercase Letters

Harmony of Lowercase URLs

Consistency is the rhythm that makes the digital dance floor come alive, and lowercase letters are the musical notes that keep the melody flowing seamlessly. By embracing lowercase letters, you’re ensuring that your website remains a smooth-talking charmer across all platforms and devices, speaking the language of the digital world with fluency and finesse.

Pitfalls of Uppercase Letters in URLs

Uppercase letters in URLs are like the overenthusiastic partygoer who speaks too loudly and steals the spotlight. They can create chaos and confusion in the digital realm, leading to a cacophony that’s not music to anyone’s ears. By sticking to lowercase letters, you’re creating a harmonious digital symphony, ensuring that your website remains the suave crooner that serenades users across the vast expanse of the internet.


Imagine an indie music hub with a URL like, a digital stage that sets the tone for a smooth musical journey without any hiccups. By embracing lowercase letters, this URL creates a seamless sonic experience, inviting music enthusiasts to bask in the euphonic wonderland without any jarring notes or discordant tunes.


Creating SEO-friendly URLs is like mastering the perfect recipe—you need the right ingredients, a dash of creativity, and a sprinkle of technical finesse to cook up a digital storm that leaves everyone craving for more. By deftly integrating keywords, keeping it short and sassy, mastering the art of hyphenation, avoiding the special characters’ soap opera, and sticking to the lowercase letters like a grammar aficionado, you’re ensuring that your website not only gets a front-row seat in the search engine rankings but also steals the show with its impeccable digital charm.

As you gear up to revolutionize your website’s online presence, remember that your URL is the virtual red carpet that leads users to your digital mansion. Embrace these expert tricks with panache, infuse your URLs with a pinch of creativity and a dash of digital savvy, and watch your website claim its rightful place in the limelight of the digital universe. With these secret weapons up your sleeve, you’ll not only win the SEO game but also have your users cheering for an encore, like a delighted audience at a sold-out concert. So, go ahead, sprinkle that URL magic and let the digital show begin!

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